Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pan fry porkchop with sauteed onion

Warning: this recipe is totally made up by me :)
Measurements provided are not axact, you may want to adjust a little bit to fit your taste.

+ 2 pork chops
+ 1/2 white onions, cut into strips of ~1cm width
+ 2 tbs oil for pan frying
+ 1 tbs light soysauce
+ dab of salt
+ 2 tbs white wine
+ 1-2 tbs sweet wine depends on how sweet your wine is.
+ sprinkle of ground black pepper

+ At room temperature, either wet brine porkchops for a few hours, or dry brine with a little salt, soysauce. Or you can brine and store in the refrigerator overnight, but let the meat go to room temperature.

Cooking instructions:
+ Heat up oil in a wok or pan
+ Add pork chop to wok and sear both sides
+ You may add a little bit of water at a time, and let the porkchop cook slowly without burn.
+ Add soysauce (tip: pour soysauce around the side of the wok, and not directly onto the pork chops. Use the same technique when adding water, and the wines. This infuses the flavor to the meat better.
+ When the pork is cooked half way or a little more than half way, add onions.
You don't want to add the onion too early b/c it'll get burned if cooked too long.

+ Add white wine
+ Add sweet wine.
+ The soysauce and sweet wine is going to give it the caramelized color, so we want to watch our time after this point.
+ Flipping the porkchops frequently so that both sides can soak in the sauce.
+ Optional: taste the sauce on the meat, if need to then add a sprinkle of salt, or add more sweet wine if not enough sweet.

+ Note: you can get the onions out first if the onions have browned enough and the porkchops aren't as done as you'd like, don't let onions get burnt.

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