Sunday, March 15, 2009

Steamed Fish with soysauce, scallion and ginger

I didn't take a very good picture of this dish. But it is a very healthy yummy dish which is amazingly quick and easy to make. It's best to use live fish, not frozen. I love to use talipias for this dish because they have delish lean white meat, categorized as lowest in mercury risk (for those of you who's concerned about mercury level in fish and other seashelled seafood), and their sizes are about 1-2 lbs just perfect for a meal for the 2 of us.

+ 1 live fish ~1.5lbs
+ 1 small stalk of green onion
+ 1 piece of ginger, about 2 in. piece
+ 5-6 tbsp Lee Kum Kee seafood soysauce (this can be home made easily by mixing soysauce with sugar, a dab of salt, and diluted a little bit with water)

+ Wash and drain the fish (ofcourse de-scale and clean out the guts and all that). Head on or not, s'up to you ! :-) it's a culture preference...hehe...I know some of my Caucasian friends were surprised seeing fish served with heads on at Chinese restaurants. you see that fish winking at ya?
+ Cut/shred ginger into thin long strips (see picture).
+ Cut/shred green onion into thin long strips (see picture).

Cooking instructions:
+ Steam for 10-15 minutes depends on size of fish (I usually do 10 minutes for a 1.5 lbs fish)
+ Drain the water from steaming (some people keep this broth as part of the sauce - I drain it and only use soysauce mix as the sauce)
+ Place shredded green onions and ginger on top of the fish. And add the soysauce mix.
+ In a small pot/wok, heat up 2 tbsp oil. Once you see a little smoke that means the oil is heated.
+ Pour hot oil all over the fish and onion/ginger, this will help fragrance the onions and brown the fish a little bit.

Serve hot with white rice.